Friday, April 6, 2007

If I quit smoking, won't I gain weight?

Many people are afraid to quit smoking because they think they will gain weight. In reality, many do gain a little but not enough to change how they look. People don't gain weight because they stop smoking. They gain weight because they start eating more. Often, people confuse the feeling of craving nicotine with hunger and eat to try to make this uncomfortable feeling go away. Smokers are also used to having something in their hands and in their mouth, so they may pick up food to replace holding a cigarette. To keep from gaining weight, try these things:
  • Drink sips of water instead of eating when you feel uncomfortable.
  • Eat carrot or celery sticks or other healthy, low calorie foods.
  • Exercise. This will also help take your mind off smoking and make you healthier.
  • Keep busy. You will be less likely to eat when you're not really hungry if you are doing other things.