Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stop smoking aids: do they work?

There are many rogue stop smoking products on the market making wild claims and charging huge amounts of money for high success rates - beware.

If you decide to use a smoking cessation product then it's important to know that there are two main types of products - those that contain nicotine and those that do not. Some manufacturers claim very high success rates for their products, promising 80-90% effortless success. Yet there is no magic solution. To be certain that a product or method works it has to be put through proper clinical trials. Not all the products available have been tested in this way.

A smoking cessation aid cannot:
Do the quitting for you
Make you WANT to stop
Make it painless and easy

A smoking cessation aid can:
Ease nicotine withdrawal
Boost your confidence and morale
Lessen the urge to smoke.