Monday, April 16, 2007

Quit smoking tips on mirror

1. Find something else to do with your hands: musical instrument, crocheting, knitting.

2. Find something else to put in your mouth.

3. When you logon, check out sites that show that plump, pink, healthy lung compared to the black and shriveled up smoke-filled lung. Guess which one yours will look like when you die.

4. The patch.

5. Nicorette CQ.

6. Understand that cold turkey doesn't work for everyone. If you sneak a smoke, don't give up. Just jump back on the bandwagon. Maybe you can punish yourself with a 10-minute mile -- because you're a smoker you may hack and cough a lot during that time.

7. Get a sponsor like alcoholics do. When you want to smoke, call your sponsor and maybe you two can do something together to get pass that urge.

Ok, I can't think of 10, but hopefully those ideas will help. What helped my mother quit smoking was the massive heart attack.
You can do this! It'll be hard, but you know you can do this. Paste a good affirmation to you bathroom mirror. That positive reinforcement may help. And you don't have to quit smoking one big time. Try quitting everyday. You know, one-day-at-a-time.

Put this on your mirror:
"Today, I quit smoking. I'm proud of myself and my family is proud of me. And when someone asks if I want a cigarette, I will say "No thanks. I don't smoke". ---------- if they ask "since when?" you tell them big and proud "since now".

By Christy