Friday, April 6, 2007

Quit smoking tips for pregnant.

Tip 1. make a list .List all the reasons why you want to quit and then keep the list close by for when you are thinking about lighting up.Your main reason will be the healthy of the baby.

Tip2.understand why you smoke .Monitor your smoking for a few days using a simple chart .It's quick and easy way to recognize your smoking triggers.

Tip3.Find healthier substitutes for smoking.Once you figure out why u smoke , you'll be able to recognize trigger situations and opt for something other then a cigarette. Here is what I mean : e.g. Why am I smoking? -cause it is really enjoyable with my morning coffe..apropriate substitute -change my routine by drinking tea insted .

Tip4.change your environmental and routine .making a few little changes around your house and in your day can make it easier to quit. Here are some things u can do : eat breakfast in a different place/get rid of all the cigarettes and ash trays in your home , car or workplace /don't let people smoke in ur home.

Tip5.Learn from the past.If you've tried to quit before and couldn't use that experience to make ur next attempt a succes .

Tip6.Quit date .Now it's time to pick ur quit date ANy less-stressful day in the next 3 weeks will do .Be sure to mark it on ur calendar.You are much more likely to start on your quit day if it's written down.

Tip7. Motivate yourself with positive thoughts.!! (teh healthy of your baby)

Don't forget !! Quitting is a process and there are many ways to get about it .You can also visit for more info!
Hope this helps!And wish you a healthy non-smoking pregnancy!