Friday, April 13, 2007

My story will help you stop smoking

I hope my story will help you. I was smoker for 18 years, started in high school and quit at 36, so is my brother, started 18 and stopped at 42.
He just got quit in one day, making this decision with healthy life and overprized cigarettes. It was hard. He ate a lot and got few more pounds.
In case if you decide this way you can use some candies like lollipops instead of cigarettes.
My story was a little different. I am always wore about my weight and afraid of extra pounds. I stopped during 2 menthes, every day reducing amount of cigarettes. I promised myself to not buy more cigarettes (usually i bout about 5-8 cartons) and during last 2-3 weeks, i smoked 1 or 2 cigarettes per week. So, i prepared my body for no cigarettes life. In my opinion that is always hard to quit when other people smoking around but it is possible.
I hope you can do it. It is taking some times because of some changes in you body but don’t be scare, it is just few menthes. Adrenalin secretion can give you some emotional problems like mood changes. I had this few times but it is not bad. The best thing on this, you are starting new life - healthy life. Instead of cigarettes smell, people around will fill good parfum smell from you. I found this better.
I hope, if you start thinking about this, you will do it and i really wish you good lack.

By S-a